How Do You Write 'Always In My Heart' In Italian?


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The Italian translation for 'always in my heart' is sempre nel mio cuore. The word cuore is Italian for heart, and the word sempre translates into 'forever' or 'always'.

The phrase is often used as a dedication to a loved one, and also enjoys popularity as an expression Italian football fans use to show allegiance to their favourite football team.

Uses for "sempre nel mio cuore"
The phrase appears in the lyrics of a number of love songs and poems, and is often found on the inside of greetings cards - especially those designed for Valentines Day or la festa di San Valentino.

Another place you're likely to hear the expression sei sempre nel mio cuore or 'you're always in my heart' is in the aule or classrooms of Italian high-schools where love-struck, hormonal teenagers use it with some abandon. So popular is this phrase with adolescents, that in 2009 the author Fabio Bonfili published a contemporary-looking romance novel with the title 6 smpr nel mio <3 which is Italian 'text-speak' for sei sempre nel mio cuore.

Other expressions of love in Italian
Other expressions you could use to show your unwavering love for someone are ti amerò per sempre (I will love you forever), ti penso sempre (I'm always thinking about you), or non posso stare senza di te (I can't be without you).

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