How Do You Say 'My Love Forever And Always' In Italian?


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The phrase 'my love, forever and always' is probably best translated into Italian as mio amore, per sempre. Most Italians would use the same word, sempre, to convey both 'forever' and 'always' - and the word amore is Italian for 'love'. 

If you were looking for other words to express the abundant nature of your love, you might use the expression amore senza fine which means 'endless love', or finchè la morte non ci separi - which is the equivalent of 'until death do us part'.

You could also use the phrase noi due, verso l'infinto e oltre' which means 'us two, to infinity and beyond' and is a play on a phrase popularized by the 1995 Disney/Pixar animated comedy Toy Story

Italian culture is well known for its romance and passion, with everyone from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet through to the 1953 Hollywood classic Roman Holiday relying on it as a theme.

It's for this reason that people often use Italian phrases that capture this spirit as a dedication to a love interest. The phrase mio amore, per sempre would be an appropriate tribute engraved on a ring or other type of jewellery, or even as part of a tattoo!
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'Il Mio Amore Per sempre' is the translation of 'My Love Forever' in Italian. You can also find an online translator from English to Italian on the Internet for more information.
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In Italian you say "per sempre" which means forever, and "sempre" which means always.
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Tutto il mio amore, sempre per te.
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The translation of the above phrase in Italian is as under:
"Il Mio Amore Per sempre E Sempre"

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