How Do You Say 'Hat' In Italian?


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The Italian word for 'hat' is cappello and refers to a large number of different accessories to adorn the head. The plural form is cappelli.

Occasionally, you will hear a hat referred to as a copricapo which literally means 'head cover', but this is less frequently used.

Spelling 'cappello' correctly!
It's particularly important to get the spelling of cappello correct, as a slight slip could result in you alluding to capelli (spelled with one 'p') which is the Italian word for hair (capello - also one 'p' - is used for a single strand of hair.)

Capello is also the last name of the infamous Italian football manager Fabio Capello, who is often alluded to in the media just by his last name.

Types of hat
Most hat types that we recognize by English names actually have an Italian equivalent; for example the Cilindro (or cylinder) refers to the type of top-hat popularly worn by American president Abraham Lincoln - which is known in the United States by the term Stove Pipe.

Certain hats that have their origin in other countries have been amalgamated into Italian culture, with some particular foreign imports going so far as to becoming synonymous with the 'image' of a certain area or region. An example of this would be the type of flat cap, often made in tweed, that has become well known for its popularity in southern Italy, especially Sicily, Sardinia, and Calabria.

In Italian this type of hat is known as a coppola, and its etymology can most likely be traced back to the English word 'cap'.

There are, of course, a number of hats that are decidedly 'made in Italy'. A surprisingly large amount of  Italian headwear is related to the Catholic church - which has its seat inside the walls of the Italian capital, Rome. Amongst this 'divine selection', we can include the berretta which is a type of hat worn by Catholic clergy, and which is the source of the expression 'to be given the red barretta'. This is an allusion to being bestowed with the title of Cardinal.

Other hats that have ties to Italy are the paglietta, zucchetto and the galero to name but a few. Looking these terms up on Google images will give you some insight into just how snazzy pontiffs and clergymen can look!
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Hat in Italian is said as Cappello. [Source: Translation]
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