How Do I Write 'I Love You' In Italian?


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To say 'I love you' in Italian you would use the expression Ti Amo.

It is one of the most recognizable Italian phrases in the world, and ranks right up there with Ciao Bella as the kind of thing you'd see printed on T-shirts sold at duty-free shops in Italian airports.

In everyday Italian life you're likely to come across the expression ti amo many times, possibly without even noticing it. Walking around any major Italian city you're likely to come across walls, buses and even entire train carriages sprayed with graffiti dedicated to girlfriends and boyfriends, and ti amo is one of the most common proclamations evident.

Although the phrase Ti Amo is the most popular way to express your love to someone in Italian, its use as a personification of the romance of Italian culture has made it part of a selective 'global' lexicon.

Outside the Italian peninsula, the phrase is often adopted as the name of Italian-style restaurants, bistros or cafés, but can also be found publicizing everything from the shop-fronts of luxury bridal-wear stores through to a 'romance-heavy' Taiwanese drama series.

The phrase is also very popular in Italian culture, with numerous song, film, and book titles featuring this phrase. One example would be the Italian pop singer Alexia's 2000 hit 'Ti Amo, Ti Amo'
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You can shorten that more by just saying T'amo

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