How Do You Say 'My Friends' In Italian?


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'My friends' best translates into 'I miei amici' in Italian. If you wished to address your friends in an oratory fashion (as in friends, Romans, countrymen...) you would use the phrase amici miei. If you were simply referring to a single friend, you would use mio amico/mia amica depending on the gender of your friend.  

How to pronounce the Italian translation of 'my friends'

The pronunciation of 'I miei amici' is 'ee myey amee-chi' and the word amico or 'friend' comes from the Latin Amicus, which in turn has its roots in the verb 'to  love' which is  Amare

How to find translations on the web

Should you wish to translate more English phrases into Italian (or any other language) then I recommend using an online translator. These are very useful devices for quickly translating short pieces of text from one language to another, with reasonable accuracy. I say this because they are not always the most reliable tools and, as they are automated, complicated phrases can confuse them. If you wish to have an accurate translation then many of these websites offer a 'human translation' where someone who speaks the language will translate your phrase or word for you. This does, however, usually cost money to do, and so should only really be considered if accuracy is a necessity.

These websites will also translate entire webpages for you. Simply follow the instructions on the translator's webpage and you will be able to understand pretty much any foreign webpage you can find! Popular examples of these translation websites are, and Clearly these will vary in accuracy so before using your translation it is always a good idea to cross-reference it with another one of these websites, just to be sure.

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"My friends" in Italian is translated as "I miei Amici". For more help check out the following site
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I also alway heared that phrase in one of the Hotels in Italy Greetings from Belvita

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It depends on the context
if you are speaking to the group it would be "amici miei"
if you are speaking about the group it would be "I miei amici"
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My friend

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