How Do You Say 'Good Morning, My Love' In Italian?


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The Italian translation of  'good morning, my love' is buongiorno amore mio. Although the Italian word for 'morning' is matina, it is more common to wish someone a 'good day' - which is giorno in Italian.

Amore mio or amore mia?
The main confusion that arises when using the expression amore mio is that mio is a possessive pronoun that reflects the male gender. The female equivalent of mio is simply mia.

Often, people are tempted to replace the male pronoun for the female mia when referring to a woman. If you're ever tempted to... DON'T!!!

In Italian, the inflection of a pronoun must reflect the properties of the noun it is associated with. In this case, it is the masculine noun amore. This means that - regardless of whether you are directing your love to a male or a female - the pronoun mio stays the same.

There are a large number of Italian-themed restaurants (outside the Italian peninsula) that are named after this grammatical misconception. Each year significant amounts of money are spent to erecting fancy signs and printing glossy flyers that help to embed this grammatical inaccuracy further into the common lexicon.

Italian Breakfast
To follow up your warm morning welcome, you may want to impress your loved one by treating them to an Italian breakfast. The main thing to remember when coming up with ideas for an Italian breakfast is that, whilst savoury dishes like eggs or ham are common breakfast-fare in most other European countries, anything that's not sweet will always be treated with suspicion on an Italian breakfast table. Coffee, or other hot drinks, are staples however: Often in the form of a foamy cappuccino or short, strong caffé.

Breakfast cereal is out of the question, despite it being commonly stocked in Italian supermarkets. In Italy, it is seen as more of an afternoon snack than as something you'd contemplate having for breakfast.

And, whilst other nations might scoff at the thought of having cake early in the day, Italians usually enjoy anything from cookies, pastries and cake through to brioche, jam & toast, or even Nutella filled croissants at their morning meal.

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