How Do You Say 'You Got My Heart' In Spanish?


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I am doing Spanish at my school at the moment and, "You've got my heart" or 'You have my heart' is translated as: "Tienes mi corazón."
[Tienes= You have; Mi= My; Corazón=Heart]

If you are saying this to someone who is from MAINLAND SPAIN then it's pronounced:
'Tee-en-ayz, mee, corr-ah-THON'

However if they are from majorca/Menorca/Ibiza/south america etc
then 'Corazón' is usually pronounced 'corr-ah-s-on' :-)
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This guest want to know ho to SAY you have my heart in spanish, not how you PRONOUNCE you have my heart in spanish.
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You want something to do with love and certainly we are here to spread the message of love on earth. If you want to impress your love with the use of the Spanish term for 'you got my heart' you can use the term 'usted obtuvo el corazon'.

The way you have asked the question, it seems that you have find your girlfriend or boyfriend from the country of Spain and if you are tying the knot with that very person you are one of those people who support the cross-cultural conjugation. This kind of conjugation is quite good for the harmony of the world and according to some theories it has biological benefits also. It is believed that the progeny that is produced from such kind of conjugation is very talented and it excels in every field it chooses to operate in.
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Tienes mi corazon ♥
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Forever in spanish
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Tu tienes mi corazon en tus mano... You have my heart in your hands
or if you just want to say you got my heart>>> then say tu tienes mi corazon

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