What Does The Last Name Conte Mean In Italian?


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The word conte is Italian for the title of nobility: 'count' - which is used in several European countries (the French equivalent is comte).

As a word, its etymological history comes from the Latin word for 'companion' , with cum-eo meaning to 'go together with'. As a title, it was initially given to a high-ranking official that often accompanied an emperor (perhaps into battle), and who was rewarded by being given a position of noble office.

There are a number of variations of the name conte which appear all over Italy. Some examples are: Conte, Conti, Contì, Cont, Cunto, Cunti, Del Conte, della Conte, di Conte, Contes, Contessa
Notable Italians that share the name Conte
  • Antonio Conte, Was a successful Italian football player, then manager, who is most commonly associated with the team Juventus, which he currently manages (as of 2012).
  • Gian Biagio Conte, was an Italian 'classicist' and professor of Latin literature.
  • Nicola Conte, Italian DJ and producer best known for his experimental style of acid jazz, which incorporated everything from ethnic world music to bossa nova.
  • Paolo Conte, is an Italian singer, pianist, composer and lawyer .
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From what I know Conte means Count. Generally the last name is given to someone who worked for a Count or who was a Count.
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The surname Conte, in Italian, means companion and was historically
defined as a servant in the retinue of a king or emperor.

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