How Do You Say 'Live Your Life' In Italian?


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The phrase 'live your life' is best translated to vivi la tua vita in Italian, but this probably doesn't enjoy the same status as an oft-quoted and slightly clich├ęd 'positive' or 'motivational' phrase as it might in English.

The phrase 'live your life' would be appropriately used in everything from motivational seminars through to branding campaigns for an additive-free sports drink, and with the Americanization of Italian culture, phrases like this are infiltrating the mainstream through imported products, media, and entertainment.

In Italian mainstream culture
Often, the phrase vivi la tua vita is associated with the themes of 'individuality' and 'seizing the moment' - which are sentiments many people hold in high regard. 

One example of the phrase being used in Italian pop culture is as the title of the song vivi la tua vita by Italian underground punk band Cani. Another song that shares the title vivi la tua vita is by singer-songwriter Riccardo Cocciante.

Other similar phrases
Other phrases that you might hear in Italy which express very similar concepts are as follows:

Goditi la vita- this expression means 'enjoy your life'.

Vivi la vita che ami- this is a phrase that means 'live the life you love'.

Vivere alla massima- is the equivalent of 'living to the maximum'.

Viva la Juicy- is a slogan used by high-end Californian fashion and perfume label Juicy Couture, and is also a the name of one of their lines of perfume. This isn't actually an Italian expression, (and simply means 'long live the Juicy') but is more of an example of how expressions like this can be used to endow a product with positive and 'life loving' attributes.

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