How Do You Write 'Never A Failure, Always A Lesson' In Italian?


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The translation of the phrase 'never a failure, always a lesson' into Italian is mai un fallimento sempre una lezione.

The word fallimento, which is Italian for 'failure', comes from the root word falire which means 'to fail'.

The word lezione (which is pronounced lets-yown-eh) derives from the Latin lectum which means 'to read'.

The phrase is often used in the context of motivating someone through hardship, encouraging them to see any hitches and bumps in the road as opportunities to learn and grow stronger, rather than viewing them as setbacks that only hamper and distress.

Whilst doing some research into the phrase, I struggled to find any definitive source for the proverb, but learned that there was a huge amount of interest in the expression.

Much of this is down to the pop-star Rihanna, who recently had the phrase tattooed over her right collarbone, with the writing in reverse so that it becomes legible when she looks at it through a mirror.

Speculation is rife on the internet about Rihanna's motives for having the phrase tattooed, with suggestions that it relates to the difficulties that she encountered during her relationship with the rapper Chris Brown.

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I thought it was an appropriate picture considering she had the phrase tattooed (in English).

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