How Do You Say, 'Let's Eat' In Italian?


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How to translate 'let's eat!'
The Italian equivalent of the expression 'let's eat' is mangiamo.

Mangiamo is simply the first-person plural form of the imperative of the verb mangiare, which is 'to eat'. Often the expression will be accompanied by the word dai which means 'come on' and could be used to encourage people to tuck into their meal, as in dai, mangiamo!.

Interestingly, whilst most English-speaking people would include themselves in the instruction when issuing the suggesting 'let's eat!', Italian convention is to use the second-person plural dai, mangiate!

Other tables-side expressions
One very popular Italian expression that you could use at the beginning of a meal is buon appetito. This phrase is similar to wishing someone a 'healthy appetite' and is very much a part of the Italian dinner table lexicon.

If you wanted to raise your glass and toast a person or mark a particular event over a lunchtime spumante (sparkling white wine), you might raise your glass and say salute (to health) or perhaps the less formal cin-cin (pronounced chin-chin).

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