My Dad Passed Away And I Want To Get A Tattoo To Remember Him. How Do You Say 'Always In My Heart' In French? 


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“Always in my heart” is toujours dans mon cœur in French. Notice that the o and the e are joined together – if you’re going to get a tattoo, you want to make sure that it’s spelled correctly!

Here are some other tattooable phrases that you could use to commemorate a loved one (or say to somebody that's still alive):

  • Je t’aime = “I love you”
  • Tu me manques = “I miss you”
Think Carefully About Your Tattoo Lots of people get tattoos to commemorate loved ones, but some people regret their choice of design. Ideally, you want a tattoo that makes you feel good when you see it – one that reminds you of your father when he was alive, and of the positive memories you have of him.

Choose the words carefully – they should mean something to you personally. Toujours dans mon cœur is a nice thing to write, but I wouldn’t suggest using a foreign language unless it has some connection to the person you’ve lost.

Hope this helps, and sorry for your loss.

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