What Does Hydra Mean?


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The word hydra can trace its origin in Greek mythology where a many headed serpent was in existence with the name of Larnaean Hydra. But the term has been used to convey several things but all the things have one thing in common and that is they have several heads. A constellation of stars is known with the name hydra and also a moon of the planet Pluto. There is a creature also that is known to the world as hydra.

The figurative meaning of the word is also quite popular and basically it is used for an organisation that has several people who are taking decisions and usually they are creating a mess in the organisation. The word used for that kind of organisation is called hydra headed organisation.
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It's the genus name of a freshwater polyp, from the Greek  Hydra, many-headed Lernaean water serpent slain by Hercules (this sense is attested in Eng. From c.1374), from hydor "water" ; related to the Sanskrit word udrah "aquatic animal" and Old English ottur "otter."  Used figuratively for "any multiplicity of evils" .

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