What Does Retaliatory Mean?


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Retaliatory is an adjective form of the noun retaliation. It is synonymous with concept of revenge. Retaliatory is therefore used to describe any action that is undertaken as retribution for some earlier offence. Retaliatory actions may be taken by any offended party against the party that is perceived as responsible for the offence in question. For instance 'No retaliatory action is without deep undercurrents of hatred and bitterness'.

Retaliatory eviction is a legal concept. It is a form of eviction wherein a tenant is requested to vacate by means of a formal notice. The notice is usually given after a tenant has complained about the condition of the building he is occupying. In retaliation, the landlord serves the tenant a notice. It is however illegal to practice this kind of eviction in most countries.

Retributive Justice is a form of retaliatory justice. It is concerned with the philosophy of punishment. It asserts that the ethical response to any crime is just punishment, regardless of whether or not this will positively impact society in the long run. In line with this thinking, is the idea that the severity punishments must correspond to the severity of the offence.

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