What Does Rook Mean?


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Rook has many meanings. I'm telling you one; it means novice, beginner, greenhorn, tyro, inexperienced.
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The word rook has two different origins. Rook is an Old World bird. It named Corvus frugilegus and is similar to North American crow. A person who cons people is also termed as rook. The cheating generally refers to games. When someone cheats or swindles, he is said to be rooking. For example: people were worried of being rooked in the market. Here, they were afraid of the being victimized by rooks.

The word rook is well-known in chess game. A rook is piece in the game of chess which is supposed to move about in a straight in line. It can travel any number of empty blocks in a row. It also called castle. Rook was taken from a Persian word.

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