What Does Retention Mean?


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Retention is simply the act of retaining something, like data for instance. It means storing a modicum of information in one's memory for future reference. For example 'The brilliant pupil outshone all the others with his superior retention power'.

Retention basins or retention ponds are water bodies that possess the capacity to retain large quantities of water or moisture.

Judicial retention is a legal concept in the American judicial setup. It pertains to the process wherein a judge is subject to periodic votes in order to continue being a judge.

In commerce, retention of a title indicates the product remains the property of the manufacturers until all their potential claims against the Purchasers have been satisfied. In these cases the purchasers are not permitted to assign or deposit the products in advance as security.

Retention period is also a legal concept. It alludes to the minimum amount of time that a record is kept as per the law. After the retention period has commenced there is the final deposition.

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