What Does Consistent Mean?


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Consistent means the ability to do the same thing over and over again. Being consistent can have positive and negative connotations. Positive connotations would include the Michael Jordan's ability to score 3 pointers after 3 pointers, Microsoft making good profits year on year, Mark McGwire hitting homerun after homerun.

Negatively it could refer to GM facing labor problems year on year, England's football team not making it past the knockout phases in major tournaments, Michael Jackson facing legal troubles for the last decade and a half. When used positively consistency is a sort after attribute in most workplaces. According to a survey employees wanted their bosses to be consistent in their decision-making. They are probably referring to a sense of fair play when decisions are made. There is an interesting school of thought which believes consistency is the forced identification of patterns that do not exist. The playwright and author Oscar Wilde was a huge detractor of consistency, he said that consistency is an admission of failure.
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Consistent means something that is in accordance with, or in uniform harmony with all elements. For example, "the statement is consistent with the actuality". Being consistent is to be in accord with oneself, rational and standardized. For example, "the teacher said Matthew is showing a consistent pattern of learning." A consistent person is a dependable person who shows uniformity in performance. For example, "he gave a consistent performance in the series".

In the field of mathematics, to be consistent means to have minimum one common answer, as of two or more than two inequalities.

Consistent also means to be in line with ones expectations. To conform to already set standards is to be consistent. Staying unaffected by change and delivering unwavering performances is being consistent.
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It means to be repetitive, to always be the same.
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Yeah,I things consistent what we do, then we fill fun and want to do again
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