What Does Rop Mean?


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Rop can have different meanings. One meaning is run of paper or run of press. This means advertisements that occur in the newspaper itself. Inserts or blow-ins do not count as ROP.

The other meaning of ROP is a type of eye disease. It called retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) and it affects infants who are born premature and weigh 2.5 pounds or less and have stayed in their mother's womb for less than 31 weeks. Previously it was believed that the levels of lighting in hospital nurseries could be the reason for the development of ROP, but no conclusive evidence has been found. The actual cause of ROP is due to growth and spreading of abnormal blood vessels in the retina, the nerve tissue located at the back of the eye. If these growth scars and bleeds, it can lead to detachment of retina which will cause blindness. There are about 15,000 out of 28,000 infants born in the US weighing 2¾ pounds or less are affected by ROP. In most cases no permanent damage is caused. However, some cases are severe enough to require medical treatment.

Cryotherapy is probably by far the most effective treatment for ROP. In this treatment, spots on the surface of the eye is touched with a cryoprobe, generating freezing temperatures which stops the growth of abnormal blood vessels. even after such treatments, about 400-600 infants loose their vision, yearly due to ROP.

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