What Does Soul Mean?


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SOUL is a Divine Spark of GOD.  It's like GOD took a cell from IT's body and gave it individual life and then sent It to schools like Earth to begin inhabiting forms so It could learn and grow.

The Evolution of Species is the evolution of SOUL Itself.  As SOUL grew in consciousness, GOD provided more and more complex forms for It to inhabit, like a parent giving a child more advanced means to get around as it grew bigger...tricycle..bicycle..motor craft..etc.  As SOUL emerges from mineral consciousness to plant..animal..primate..human and beyond.

    We ARE SOUL, we inhabit a body.  We are not a body that HAS a SOUL.

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Soul can also be referred to as a spirit. According to several religious and philosophical customs it is a super natural substance which is particular to a living being. It is unique to every living being. According to many cultural theorists, soul is the primary reason that enables us to feel or perceive. Souls is said to have strong links with the myth of afterlife, rebirth or incarceration. By most religions, soul is considered to be immaterial. Others believe and maintain that soul is the means of life itself and is the primal factor in human existence and that body is mortal and is only a cover or a mask.
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Soul Mean
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V alue
E very body and every thing



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The term 'soul' has been defined in various ways by different philosophers, scientists, intellectualists as well as in different religions. In general, soul is defined as an 'immaterial aspect or essence of an individual, conjoined with the body during life and separable at death' (Britannica Encyclopedia). The concept of the subject Psychology was also evolved as a part of exploration of soul, though later the concept has been changed significantly. But to understand soul or the ingredients of soul has always been an interesting topic of discussion to every intellectual being. Different religion explains soul differently. In Hinduism, it is said that soul transfers through the body to a new one in each birth depending on the karma, whereas in Christian religion, it is believed that after death, the soul becomes associated with the supreme.

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