What Does Dandelion Mean?


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A dandelion is a Eurasian plant that has multi-rayed flower heads in yellow and highly notched leaves. It is grown as a weed in North America, and used as an ingredient in salads as well as in the making of wine.

It is a part of the sunflower family, and has around a hundred variations. All of these are useful to humans in some way or another. The dandelion has originated from the country of Greece, now commonly found all over the world due to its adaptive capability.

Dandelion has been used by man since ages for its various nutritive benefits. The whole plant can be used as a common tonic, especially for the liver. Fresh dandelion leaves are added to salads as herbs. Juice is extracted from the stems and leaves which is high in medicinal qualities. It can cure warts, bee stings and sores. Dandelion extracts also act as mild laxatives to relieve constipation. Dandelion blossoms are also used to improve and beautify the face and skin.

The bright yellow of the flower is also referred to as the colour dandelion.
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Dandelions are a huge part of the family Asteraceae. They can be tap-rooted biennial or perennial herbaceous plants. They are native to temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere. There are a large amount of macrospecies of this plant. There have been 250 species recorded in the British Isles alone. The plant falls under the genus, Taraxacum. The name dandelion is derived from Old French, dent-de-lion. This literally means lion's tooth. This is due to the sharply lobed leaves of the plant. In modern French the plant is called pissenlit. This translates to 'urinate in bed'. The dandelion has diuretic properties which accounts for its modern french name. An English folkname for the plant is pissabeds.

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