What Does Doe Mean?


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Doe Test is really beneficial for our vehicle too. It is very important for safety. It tests the braking and suspension system of the vehicle in deeply to check that your vehicle is with a certain safety threshold. Accidents, Break Downs, Repossessions are some reasons which make necessary Tow Truck testing. Just having a tow truck will not obtain the job done properly because there are other pieces of equipment required for the process of towing that do not come with all tow trucks.
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Doe is the female counterpart of a deer or even of a related animal. The term doe is given to the female species of a number of mammals such as the kangaroo, hare or goat. In general a doe may be viewed as the mature female of the mammals of which the male mammal is called a `buck'. As a noun, a doe is also a feat.

DOE is also the name of the federal department which is held responsible for the maintenance of a national energy policy, created in the year 1977 in the United States. It is the United States Department of Energy.

The term doe could also be used to refer to the ethnic group Doe, who are a people of Tanzania. The Doe language is that which is spoken by the Doe community. Doe could also refer to a John Doe or Jane Doe, which is a name that is used as a placeholder when there are unknown or anonymous people; these are chiefly used in a legal context.
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Depends on the context its used in...

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