What Does Gaze Aversion Mean?


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Gaze aversion is the act of looking away from the person one is speaking with, in order to clearly understand and conjure up an accurate response to the question or problem posed by the speaker. Psychologists have researched and came with the answer that the gaze aversion method can surprisingly yield a better and accurate response from the listeners.
The team of psychologists at the University of Stirling, Scotland have reason to back their findings. The researchers believe that looking at a person's eye while speaking can be quite intimidating or even hypnotizing at times to the person listening. It may become difficult to concentrate and conceive a solution when looking at the speaker's face. Gaze aversion should not be misinterpreted as "selective listening" or evading of a question. Psychologists believe that instead of jumping the gun and interrupting someone while speaking, it is better to look at the other way and conceive an answer.
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What does gaze aversion mean when doing an activity like physical training under the guise of a personal trainer?

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