What Does Consequence Mean?


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Consequence is best described as a phenomenon that is caused by the phenomenon immediately preceding it. Some examples are 'the consequence of laziness is failure' or 'the consequence of hatred is bloodshed'. It may also mean the outcome or result of a particular event, for instance, 'your marks are of no consequence now'. It may also mean having important influence or effects like 'decisions of great consequence are best made by the prime minister'.

Consequence is also the name of a famous American rap artist, most popular for his appearances on Rhymes and Life, A Tribe called quest's beats and has also featured in a couple of underground tracks along with Kanye West. Consequence is also the name of a game. In philosophy Consequentialism concerns what would happen as a result of an act that is already done and considers the act itself to be of little consequence. It is a term coined in 1958 in the essay 'Modern Moral Philosophy' by G.E.M Anscombe.

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