What Does Gazing Mean?


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The word gazing is the present participle of the verb "to gaze." To gaze means to "fix a stare or look at someone intently." The synonyms for the word gazing are staring, peering, gaping, gawking and glaring.
Gazing at someone or something is often an effect of expressing wonder, awe, and fascination. People can even gaze or look sharply at something or someone out of sheer curiosity.. When one gazes at something, his eyeballs are opened to the fullest, conveying an open-mouthed look. People can gape or stare at something or someone for a prolonged length of time as an expression of awe or naiveté. Here is a sentence which justifies the usage of the word "gazing" in present participle:
The tourists were seen gazing intently at the water fountain near the park.

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