What Does Fortnightly Mean?


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Fortnightly is a word that is obtained from the word fortnight. The word fortnight has its origin in Old English. It is taken from the word fēowertēne and niht. This word fēowertēne means fourteen and the word niht means night. Later, it was adapted by the Middle English as fourtenight which is the alteration of fourtene night. 'Fourtene night' means fourteen nights.

A fortnight is a period of fourteen days or nearly two weeks. Thus, something that occurs or happens fortnightly is said to take place or appear every two weeks. This word 'fortnightly' can be used in its plural form as 'fortnightlies.' The word fortnightlies generally means a publication issued once in every two weeks.
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Simple to anser this ?
Its answer is for Fortnightly is two weeks in a month and is a part of activity for every 14 days.

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