What Does Moderation Mean?


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Moderation is the noun form of the word moderate, meaning to be within reasonable limits. That is, not excessive or extreme. The term moderate also means not violent; mild or calm. In this sense of the term, it could also mean not subject to extremes; or temperate. The word is also used to mean of an average/ medium quantity or extent. It may denote of limited or average quality; a synonym for the word mediocre. The term moderate is also applied to an opposition to radical or extreme measures or views, particularly with respect to politics or religion.

As a noun the term moderate is given to one who either holds or champions views or opinions that are moderate, principally in politics or religion.

As a transitive verb it would mean lessening the violence, extremeness or severity of. It could also mean presiding over. As an intransitive verb it means becoming less violent, extreme or severe; to abate. It may refer to acting as a moderator
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Example you are a good man..and yes even the bits that drives me crazy if they are in moderation. I know taht you feel abandoned..

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