What Does Aurora Mean?


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The aurora is a bright glow. It is seen especially on nights when the sky is clear. It is more common in the Polar Regions. It is for this reasons that some scientists also refer to an aurora as a polar aurora. In the northern latitudes, the aurora is called the aurora borealis. The aurora borealis derives its name from Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, and Boreas, the Greek word for a wind that blows from the northern direction.

In Europe, Aurora often looks as a reddish glow on the northern horizon. This makes it appear as if the sun is rising from the opposite direction. The aurora borealis is often commonly referred to as the northern lights. This is because it is only visible in the north sky and occurs only in the northern hemisphere. The aurora borealis is common visible in the months of September to October and March to April.
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It means that if you look up in the sky, there is a colourful band of light and IT IS SO PRETTY!

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