What Does Mentor Mean?


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A mentor is a person who acts as a teacher of some sort or as a counsellor, like for instance, 'My mentor throughout my professional life was my mother', or, 'The wise old professor mentored him all throughout his troubled college life'.

In the British science fiction show Dr Who- the mentors are a fictitious extraterrestrial species. They were originally inhabitants of the planet Thoros Beta and are amphibious in nature. Their appearance is rather unusual. They have arms but no legs and communicate with the help of a translation device that they wear around their necks.

In mythology, Mentor or Mentes, was one of the friends of Odysseus. He was the son of Alcumus. He was put in charge of Odysseus's son Telemachus and of the palace as well when Odyssesus was fighting the Trojan War. Athena also disguised herself as Mentor when she paid Telemachus a visit.

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