What Does Mark Up Mean?


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Mark up has several alternate definitions. With regard to legal jargon it means the process by which a legislative proposal is amended after the necessary debate. It is usually held by the state legislative session or US. Congressional committee that is a committee of jurisdiction, who has the authority of make changes. The committee will then deliberate and then propose amendments and then if the proposals are successfully accepted the legislative language of the bill in question will be amended. However in case the changes incorporated are extensive, the committee usually decides to reintroduce the amended legislation under a fresh bill.

Mark up may also indicate an increase in the prices of goods. Alternatively it may denote the written instructions regarding how a job is to be printed generally found on a job ticket. It is also a commonly used term in budget deliberations. In this context it refers to those times when lawmakers examine the budget in great detail in order to review any potential flaws.

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