What Does Modulation Mean?


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Modulation is a process by which some characteristics of high frequency carrier signal is varied in accordance with the instantaneous value of the modulating signal.
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The term modulation is a noun which refers to the process or the act of modulating. It could be a reference to the condition of being modulated. In terms of music, the word modulation usually refers to a passing or transition which is made from one key or from one tonality to another. In music, it could also mean the product of such a transition.

A modulation may also mean a change in tone, stress, pitch or loudness of the voice; in this sense it refers to inflection of the voice. It may also refer to an instance of such an inflection or a change. It could be used in reference to harmonious use of language, such as the case in poetry or prose.

In electronics, modulation may mean varying a property of either an electromagnetic wave or signal, like its frequency, amplitude, or phase.

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