What Does Critical Mean?


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Critical is an adjective. When someone is critical of someone else, he is said to be expressing disapproving comments. It is generally 'expressing or involving an assessment of a literary or artistic work.' When something is said to be critical it has a decisive importance. For example: finding the cause of the power outage is of critical importance. Critical is also used for very serious, uncertain or dangerous situations because the situation could get worse. For example: Stanley is at a critical stage in his recovery from the accident. In scientific context critical could mean maintaining a chain reaction that can sustain itself (of a nuclear reactor or fuel).

When someone is in a critical condition, he is so sick that he could die. When someone looks at or examines something with a critical eye, he is examining it carefully in order to judge its good and bad qualities. Captious, carping, censorious, criticizing, analytical, intelligent, important, pivotal and vital are some of the synonyms that could be used for critical.

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