What Does Clemency Mean?


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Clemency is a noun obtained from the word clement. It indicates a disposition to show forgiveness especially towards an enemy. An act which is merciful or kind is also termed clemency. It has its use in formal context and generally means forgiveness and less severe punishment for a crime. This punishment is usually given by someone in power, such as a governor or president. For example: Ms Emma was granted clemency after serving twelve years for killing her abusive brother. One can say 'grant or give someone clemency'.

Lenience, mercifulness, lenity, leniency, grace, charity, pardon, decency, favour, kindliness, kindness, benevolence, compassion, easygoingness and humanity are some words that are synonymous to clemency. Clemency indicates mildness, especially for weather conditions. Clemency is also a town sited in the south-western part of Luxembourg and is a part of Capellen canton. Luxembourg is in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg which is Western Europe.
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Clement has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word Clemens. Later, it was adapted into Middle English. It is used as an adjective and is used to mean inclined to be forgiving or merciful. Such a person is lenient or charitable. Thus, word clement is used to form the noun clemency.

Some of the synonyms for the word clement could be: tolerant, soft, easy, forbearing, beneficent, compassionate, benevolent, generous, gracious, humane, humanitarian, kind, kind-hearted, kindly, liberal, maananimous, mild, pitying, soft-hearted, sympathetic and tender-hearted.

Lax, indulgent, non-judgmental, understanding, pleasure seeking, careless, casual, easy-going, flexible, loose, neglectful, negligent, permissive, relaxed, remiss, slack, vague, patient, permissive, compliant, genial and over-generous are some other words that are synonymous to clement. Weather which is clement is neither too hot nor too cold. Such condition is termed mild. Clemently is the adverb formed from this word. Inclement is used to mean the opposite of clement.
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It means to be lenient. To show mercy. 
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Mercy or leniency
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Clemency mean: Full love, full courage, wisdom, you want clemency others, you must need that.

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