What Does 'Defunct' Mean?


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Defunct is an adjective meaning no longer living, functioning or existing; or inactive. It comes from the Latin word defunctus; which comes from the past participle of the word defungi, which means to finish, die; which is formed by the prefix de- + fungi, meaning to perform.

Thus, the term defunct may be employed to refer to biological extinction (such as an extinct species of bird) or structures which are no longer in use (such as a defunct railway station or mainly defunct companies). In computer terminology, it could refer to the Computer Zombie process (which is a Unix defunct processes). It may also refer to names which are no longer in use.

Defunctive is also an adjective while the noun form of the word defunct is defunctness.
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Not existing, living, FUNCTIONING (hints to the "FUNCT" in this lovely word) or inactive

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