What Does Embossed Mean?


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Emboss is an application which is used to apply the 3D effects to the images. Usually this image is rubber stamped. 3D means the view of image in three dimensions so that image can be viewed to the three directions: vertical, horizontal and back side of image. This image is ever more admiring and tempting for the viewer.

It can just be felt that the image is embossed. It is usually applied on the button, menus, cards and announcements. Buttons are created embossed so that it may give fleeing while pressing it. This may feel the users that they have chosen a thing which is provided to him. In cards it is used just for enhancing the specified objects, just emphasis the on thing.

The things are embossed in any program, created by the designer, who makes it colourful and admiring for the user. Every thing which is embossed is look nice except the long text.

Emboss options are not only on the internet but also can be used on the window or any software application. There are certain software that provide the facility to make thing embossed.
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Embossed is the adjective form of the verb emboss. It means an embellishment that is formed on metal, leather or cloth and is raised from the rest of the material and is formed by pressure or embroidery. The word "emboss" comes from the Middle English word "Embosen" and it can be traced back to the Old French word "embocer".

Emboss is sometimes used to mean "to adorn" or "to decorate". It is done by molding or carving in relief. Brocaded and raised are two synonyms which define to some extent the word emboss.

Embossing is used mainly to make things look attractive. It is however an effective way to write in metal. The United States military also uses embossing to put down details on dog tags. The primary function however is as a form of decoration.

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