What Does Embellishing Mean?


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Embellishing comes from the word embellish which is a verb meaning to make beautiful, this making beautiful can be carried out through decoration or ornamentation. In literature it can be referred to as an exaggeration or the addition of fictitious or ornamental details to a true account of facts (the details may not necessarily be lies and in some cases exaggeration helps express the point in more contrast). The simple act of beautifying something to make it look more attractive can be referred to as embellishing.

The word embellish comes from the Middle English word "embelishen" which takes it from the Old French "embellir" derived from en-bel, beautiful (bellus in Latin).

Words similar to embellish include bedeck, adorn, ornament, decorate, trim, grace, beautify, garnish, lard, dramatise, aggrandise etc. The antonyms of Embellish include disfigure, simplify, mar, deface, uglify and spoil.

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