What Does Maundy Mean?


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Maundy can refer to any of three things including a religious service known as Tenebrae (Maundy), Maundy Thursday and Maundy Money. Perhaps the primary use of the word is when referring to Maundy Thursday. The word Maundy is believed to have come from the Middle English word "maunder" which took it from the Old French "mande" and can be traced to the Latin "novum mandatum" meaning new commandment.

Maundy Thursday is so called in England for the feast of the Thursday of the Holy Week. In many parts of Great Britain several churches reenact the tradition of disciple's feet being washed by Jesus, at least symbolically. In Great Britain the sovereign, as a part of tradition, distributes charity in the form of Maundy Money from Westminster Abbey.
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I have heard that it means mandatory. Is this true

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