What Does Maudlin Mean?


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The word Maudlin means to be effusively or excessively tearful and sentimental. The word is believed to have been formed after Mary Magdalene who in most of her paintings is depicted as crying out of penance. Maudlin sometimes refers to being an insincere form of sentimentality. Mauldin can thus mean an insincere show of being sad and on the other hand can actually refer to a person who is easily susceptible to tears or emotion. The latter meaning is more or less attributed to the paintings of the Christian saint Mary Magdalene who has been depicted by numerous painters in a state of grate agitation and weeping.

Synonyms of the word include bathetic, mawkish, hokey, schmaltzy, slushy, drippy, mushy, sentimental etc.

Maudlin is also the name of a composite aromatic herb, the South European Achillea Ageratum or the costmary.

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