What Does Measly Mean?


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The word measly is an adjective slang that means meager or contemptibly small. It can also mean to be infected with measles. Synonyms of measly are paltry or miserable and it can be defined as deficient in amount or extent or quality. Measly is also used to refer to something containing larval tapeworms. It is a term used in reference to pork and beef.

Measly can be defined in terms of scant, scanty, spare, sparse, skimpy, thin, small, trifling, exiguous, stingy, puny, insufficient, negligible etc. Antonyms of Measly are plenty, abundant, satisfactory, sufficient and proficient.

"George was left a measly sum in his aunts will" or "a measly steak is what they offer for a pound thirty" are examples of how measly is used in sentences.
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the dictionary means of measly is small or few, but in medical science the measly means people who is infected with measles

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