What Does Mellow Mean?


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Mellow can refer to a number of things, it can mean juicy, sweet, soft and full flavoured due to ripeness. It can mean sweetness or softness and even something soft or rich in quality. Mellow can refer to the personality traits or characteristics associated with maturity such as wisdom, gentleness or tolerance. It can refer to an unhurried or relaxed attitude, mood or state of mind. Mellow can refer to something as being soft, loamy, moist and rich. As a slang term it refers to a state of being pleasantly or slightly intoxicated. In this way it can also mean the drugged state induced by the smoking of marijuana.

Mellow is believed to have come from the Middle English word "melwe". Mellow can be defined as mature, softened or ripe and its antonyms are hard, immature, unripe, sour and fresh.

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