What Does Boreal Mean?


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Boreal is a word for something that belongs to the extreme north. It could apply something that can adapt to life in those areas which lie just below the tundra regions of the northern Hemisphere.

The word is supposed to be derived from the Greek word for the God of the North Wind "Boreas". He was supposed to an angry character, winged and aged with a bushy beard and hair.

In ecological terms Boreal is used in context to both the northern and southern hemispheres when referring to both the Sub-Artic and Sub-Antarctic zones and the ecosystems existing there. Even the climate found in these places can be referred to as boreal.
The age between five and seven thousand years ago is also referred to as Boreal due to the prevalence of more or less a continental climate then.
Boreal is also the name of a species of owl.

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