What Does Calamity Mean?


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Calamity is the effect of man made disaster or a natural disaster. Calamity also stands for disaster. It can stand for a natural disaster or a man made disaster. A calamity occurs when hazards clout vulnerable areas. Although calamities can occur on large scale or small scale, however in scale they are less disastrous than the Doomsday Events which can affect larger area of the earth.

A natural hazard can cause a natural disaster or calamity. A natural calamity appears to come up without the involvement of a human being; these disasters are sometimes also termed as an 'Act of God'. Natural disasters include: - Tornado, Avalanche, Earthquake and Tsunami. Also included are Cold Snaps, Drought, Famine, and Forest fire, Floods, Hail Storm, Heat Wave, Landslides, Thunderstorm and Storm Surge.
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A calamity is something that change our daily lives and take human or biological death.

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