What Does Aryan Mean?


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In IRAN, Aryan is a name for boys we have lots of men who have this name
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The word 'Aryan' is of Sanskrit origin and basically it describes the people who live in India but they can not be called the original inhabitants of the country. They came to India from a place somewhere near Caspian Sea. Even some scholars said that the meaning of the term is a 'stranger' but the stranger is not some body who is an object of detest but a potential guest.

The Sanskrit lexicon 'Amarakosha' said that Aryans means a person from a noble family and whose behaviour is gentle. He is somebody who is well-born and respectable. Probably it is for this reason that when the Hindus were classifying themselves in accordance with their status in the society they kept the upper caste among the Aryans.
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There are so many meaning of aryans. We can not define as with of one, according to historical we have to write all those meaning of the aryans

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