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Blackfoot is derived from the word 'siksik√°'. 'Sik' means black and 'ika' means foot. It has its origins in the Blackfoot Nation. This is tribal nation. The person who belongs to this tribe is also called Blackfoot. Probably, the moccasins that the people of prairie used to wear turned black due to their journeys or walks alongside fires. It is also said that these people used to paint their moccasins.

Blackfoot refers to the 'Blackfoot Confederacy'. This confederacy embraces people of four different regions. The Notrh Peigan (Aapatohsipiikanii), South Peigan (Aamsskaapipiikanii), Kainai Nation (Blood), and Siksika Nation (Blackfoot) are included in this confederacy. The people of the Blackfoot nation were nomadic and usually hunted for buffalos. Blackfoot is one of the languages spoken in Alberta (Canada) and Montana (United States) and other regions included in the Blackfoot confederacy. There is also Cherokee band called 'Blackfoot Cherokee'. This band is not related to Blackfoot nations.
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There is a band of the Lakota (Teton Sioux) called the Sihasapa or Blackfoot Sioux - the name comes from the colour of their moccasins.

The term Blackfoot Cerokee has some currency, but I don't believe there was actually such a band.
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See Saponi - an offshoot of the Lakota Blackfeet. North Carolina/Virginia area post 1800's.


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