What Is The Meaning Of Ubiquitous?


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Nowadays you don’t need to have your own dictionary just to find the meaning of a word. Take for instance the word ubiquitous. This is an unfamiliar word which people don’t normally use in daily conversation. It means being or seeming to be present anytime, anywhere. It is often used synonymously with the word omnipresent.

Dictionaries are just what you need to look for the meaning of a specific word which you’re unfamiliar with. Using the dictionary is a common practice especially among students who need to improve their vocabulary. They would often buy hardbound, paperback, and even pocket size dictionaries which they can bring along with them when they go to school.

However, this is no longer the trend today. Would you believe that there are now cellular phones equipped with a built-in dictionary? You can download dictionaries and save them on your mobile phone. This is more practical and convenient especially for those who are already burdened with carrying too many books and notebooks to school.

Those with laptop or desktop computers can also look up the meaning of words using these devices. Its very simple. All you have to do is go to your reliable search engine, type the word, say ubiquitous, and press enter. You’ll be surprised to find thousands of answers in just a few seconds. The best part is, words aren’t only given their meaning but also their correct pronunciation. Unlike with the usual dictionaries, those found online allow you to hear exactly how the words are pronounced.

Whether you’re using the traditional dictionaries or the more high tech ones like those found in mobile phones and online, the fact remains that dictionaries are indeed very useful. Not only that but there is dictionaries available for all ages. Kids’ dictionaries are accompanied with pictures and are written in larger fonts while those for adults lack pictures and are normally smaller.
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The word ubiquitous refers to something that is or at least appears to be everywhere at the same time. In simple words, or word, it is something that is omnipresent. This is one of those words which are used in general speech but the meaning of which is constantly forgotten, even though it is relatively uncomplicated.

Something that is ubiquitous is something which one sees everywhere around him. For example "political rallies are ubiquitous before the time of the elections". A ubiquitous city is a place which possesses ubiquitous information technology. Here, every information system is connected to each other, and almost everything is connected to one information system by way of technological equipment like wireless networking and RFID tags. This idea has gained widespread attention in South Korea, which is building around fifteen ubiquitous cities.
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The meaning of the word ubiquitous is omnipresent, i.e. present everywhere. It also means universal. The word ubiquitous is more often associated with a phenomenon. Normally, it is not used to describe the presence of human beings except for when the same is linked to happening or not happening of certain things. This is as if to denote that someone's ubiquitous presence is the cause for occurrence or non occurrence of some incidents. As it conveys the meaning of being omnipresent, it is also associated with human beings creating wonderful acts in the competitive arena. For example, a footballer's ubiquitous presence made all the difference between winning and losing. It is to indicate that the abilities of the footballer are of such high standards that he was always present close to the centre of action.
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Ubiquitous means "always present"

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