What Is The Definition Of A Gorge?


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Internal throat, contents of stomach, rear entrance to a workplace, and finally a narrow opening between hills go to make up the various meanings of the term gorge.
Gorges in their latter sense also signify canyons, and are formed by erosion that has occurred over a period of time. Interestingly, "gorge" comes from the French, whereas "canyon" comes from Spanish, in this parlance both are two words of two different languages referring to the same geological feature. Most of them form from the plateau level, where they continue to erode due to climate and weather. The rock formations are more resilient to erosion and form the sides of the gorges. Some gorges form the beds of major rivers (like the Colorado river in the Grand Canyon—the most famous of them all) or those that man has harnessed like the Three Gorges dam in China. These rivers are referred to as entrenched.
Canyons are common when limestone is present, as it is to some extent soluble in water and thus are rarer in arid areas of the world.

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