What Does Bituminous Mean?


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Something which contains bitumen is referred to as bituminous. Something that relates to bituminous coal is also known as bituminous. Organic liquids that are soluble in carbon disulphide and contain extremely condensed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons when mixed produced bitumen. These liquids are viscous, black and sticky. Bitumen when mixed with mineral aggregate mixture gives 'asphalt', a word used in British English. In common parlance, asphalt is known as tarmac.

Bitumen is used for waterproofing of products, paving roads, producing roofing felts, sealing flat roofs and producing petroleum from tarsands. The final products used for these processes which are obtained by using bitumen are called bituminous. Bitumen is obtained from petroleum and causes pollution. Bituminous refers to bituminous rocks like: shale, sandstone, limestone, dolomite and anthraconite. Bitumonous coal is better than lignite coal.

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