What Does Bitter Mean?


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The word bitter finds its origin in Old English. The substances that are bitter have a taste that is sharp or pungent and are unpleasant to taste. The word 'bitter' in this sense can be said to be sour, acrid, harsh, acerbic, distasteful or unpalatable. Bitter things cause painful, unlikable or prickly sensations. Example: bitter experiences. Some things that are difficult or hard to accept, confess or endure are referred to as bitter. Example: bitter realities of life. People who are bitter enemies are known to show strong feelings of dislike or hatred.

Bitter is also indicative of grief, disappointment or unhappiness. When someone is bitter, he is said to be in (possesses) a resentful or cynical mood (nature). Bitter in its adverb form becomes 'bitterly'. When someone or something bitters something else, the former makes it bad or ruins it. Bitter is also a British beer which is made with hops and has a sharp taste.

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