What Is The Meaning Of The Name, 'Emrys'?


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“Emrys” is an old Welsh name, given to boys as a first name. It’s pretty rare!

What Does “Emrys” Mean?
It’s the Welsh form of Ambrose, which comes from the Late Latin Ambrosius  - this, in turn, comes from the Greek name Ambrosios, which means “immortal.”

There was a Saint Ambrose in the 4th century. He was a theologian and bishop of Milan, and one of the four original Doctors of the Church.

About one hundred years later, there was a Romano-British military leader called Emrys Wledig (or Ambrosius Aurelianus). He was the basis for the character of Merlin in the King Arthur legends, which were written in the 12th century.
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Emrys is a male name and is of Welsh origin. The meaning of this name is "immortal". It is basically the Welsh variant of the name Ambrose, which is of Latin origin and also means Immortal.
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The meaning of your name is a Celtic form of Ambrose. That name is Welsh by the way. And can I just say I'm proud you have a Welsh name like mine.

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