What Does Blackbird Mean?


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Blackbird as a 'verb' has its origin in Australia. I t means 'to kidnap someone (generally, a South Sea Islander) and sell as a slave for the sole purpose of slavery. A person who is a South Sea Islander who is sold as a slave is also called blackbird. Birds of any genus but which is classified under the family Icteridae is termed 'blackbird'. Example of such bird is the red-winged blackbird also called grackle. The males of this species possess black plumage.

The term 'blackbird' is also used for another bird, songbird. This bird belongs to the genus Turdus and family Turtidae. This 'blackbird' is scientifically named Turdus merula. The males of this species have black feathers and yellow neck-ring and yellow beak. These birds are omnivorous and eat variety of insect seeds and berries. In Australia and New Zealand they are considered pests. Other birds like the White-collared Blackbird and Grey-winged Blackbird are also called blackbirds.

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