How Do You Say 'Much Love' In Italian?


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The literal translation of 'much love' in Italian is tanto amore but this wouldn't work as an expression without the inclusion of the preposition con (or with) as in con tanto amore. Another option is to use a synonym for tanto, for example the frequently-used molto.

Uses of 'con molto amore'
The type of uses the phrase con tanto amore enjoys are much the same as those in which the English equivalent 'much love' would appear. For example, the phrase is often used as a way of ending a letter, email or other form of correspondence, and it implies strong and genuine emotion.

Other ways of finishing a letter in Italian
If you were writing to a friend, or wanted to adopt an informal tone, you could finish off your correspondence with the expressions a presto (literally 'until soon') or ci vediamo (we'll see each other!)

For a more familiar friend or relative, baci (kisses), abbraci (hugs), un bacione (a big kiss) or saluti e baci (greetings and kisses) are other options.

Finally, and for a more formal letter, for example one written in a professional capacity, you would use distinti saluti - which is the Italian equivalent of 'kind regards'.

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